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Dr Mac and his family live in Jordan. He started noticing that most liquid and bar soaps on store shelves were made of detergent, not soap. Detergents are synthetic soaps made of chemicals that act like soap but are much stronger. They’re harsh, irritating, and can leave skin cracked and damaged.

After a number of years of practicing medicine, Dr Mac saw that his patients and fellow Jordanians were suffering the effects of detergents. He decided to do something about it. He began conducting research on the scientific and technical basis of soap crafting, and came up with an alternative: truly natural soap made from ingredients that benefit your skin.

The olive oil in Dr. Mac’s soap restore, protect and maintain normal skin function. According to Dr Mac, the soap’s vitamin E and anti-oxidant properties protect against skin cancer, sunlight and can even reduce skin lines and wrinkles. He puts it even more simply: “your skin will tell the difference.”

Dr. Mac follows fair trade practices in his soap making business, and his innovation is inspiring. We are proud to partner with him and his wife (pictured).

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