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New Showroom Product! Handwoven Bedoubags September 22 2014, 0 Comments

Just in time for our Fall Festival Sale, we are introducing a new product line that we are super excited about. bedoubags! If you have been in Aqaba you may have seen them at Souq By the Sea, but now you can purchase them in Amman, Jordan in our showroom.

There is a lot of story to share about these bags, but for now here is a quick snapshot. bedoubags was an initiative of Sandra Jelly, a Holland native living in Jordan.  She saw beauty and fashion in a traditional tribal handicraft and bedoubags was created.

Sandra works alongside six women from the Huadat tribe in Udruth, 20 KM from Petra, to design and hand-weave bags and purses. The women work from home so that they are able to continue to work the land, take care of the animals, and to care for their often large families.

From beginning to end, bedoubags are intricately designed, handmade, and inspected for quality. These women are using a traditional handicraft in new ways to support their families well. Additionally, it is just fun. Women are getting together, discussing designs and colors with smiles and creativity. We love it!

For those of you who are reading the blog and asking, "When can we get these bags outside of Jordan?" Send us a quick request at for more information and we can send you back additional photos and pricing. These ladies are always designing new products and new bag designs. We should soon have more purses and bags for you to look at.


Stylish Olive Wood Cufflinks: Fair Trade Fashion for Men July 22 2014, 0 Comments

Introducing Our Newest Product Partner... Green Creations! April 20 2014, 0 Comments

We are so excited to introduce you to our latest Middle Eastern product partner, Green Creations. This company has been in existence since 2009 as a World Associates project.

They are doing something unheard of here in Jordan. They are taking items that are usually discarded and are transforming them into beautiful products. Green Creations is a social business merging poverty alleviation with environmental awareness.

So then, we love the ethos of their company, giving women dignity and a safe working environment (Sound familiar? That is what we at From The Earth are about as well), but we also LOVE their products. Rather than using olive wood to create products this company is using items like aluminum cans, bottle caps, plastic signs, old clothing and more to make items like necklaces, bracelets, watches, scarves, wallets, purses, bags, and other fun items.

From The Earth is the only store in Amman, Jordan where these products can be purchased. Come out to visit our showroom in Bayader and see what the women of Green Creations are doing.

The ladies of From The Earth loved the new products and were amazed that there were Jordanians doing something so creative with common items that usually get discarded.

To learn more about Green Creations visit their website at

1033: New Product Be Smart Budget Wallet December 09 2013, 0 Comments

We LOVE 1033's latest product, the Be Smart Budget Wallet. Not only is this wallet adorable, but it is functional too.

Inside each wallet are one change purse and six fabric envelopes where you can insert paper labels for your budget. Do you need a category for transportation? Food? Fun? Felafel? Shopping? Whatever your budget looks like, you can make it happen.

Also inside, there is a section for storing receipts and various cards that you might need to carry with you. This wallet is made to help you with budgeting, but why not make budgeting a little more fun by enveloping it in fun fabrics?

Just as a reminder, 1033 is a company based right here in Amman, they are teaching women marketable skills and quality craftsmanship. Alongside this investment in great product, they are making an impact in alleviating poverty and growing the dignity and influence of these ladies in their families and communities.

So then, by purchasing this excellent product you are not only doing something fun and good for yourself, you can participate in alleviating poverty and growing dignity and influence of the ladies who hand-make each wallet. Sounds like a good deal huh?

Mark Your Calendar! From The Earth's Christmas Party Sale Event December 01 2013, 0 Comments

It's that time of year again. The holidays are upon us and for those of you lucky enough to live in Amman, Jordan it means that it is time for From The Earth's Annual Christmas Party Sale Event.

Be sure to add a reminder to your calendar (although we will try to remind you as well) that you want to be at From The Earth's Store on

Friday, December 13th between 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

At this event there will be specials on handmade, fair trade gift items from the Middle East, Christmas music, holiday foods, warm drinks, surprise gifts, and hopefully a lot of merry making.

This year, you can see new products including the Be Smart Budget Wallet (fashionable fabric envelope budget system) produced by our partner 1033...

... and our 2013 Fall/Winter Jewelry Collection, "Modern Vintage", as well as other handmade product.

Merry Christmas to you and yours! We look forward to seeing you soon.