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To our Loyal Customers:

We are excited to share with you that From The Earth's handcrafted olive wood jewelry is now available in Amman outside of our showroom. Now, it is even easier to purchase quality, locally handmade gifts for your friends and family.

Of course, we still want to see you, but when you need to purchase a quick gift, you can avoid the trip to Bayader and instead stop at one of the following locations near you.

Readers - Cozmo at 7th Circle
Readers - Taj Mall in Abdoun
US Embassy in Abdoun
The Good Bookshop on Rainbow Street

Let us know if you have a location suggestion by emailing us at or shoot us a message on your favorite social media channel.

How Do You Put On Olive Wood Cufflinks? August 11 2014, 0 Comments

Maybe you are the recent purchasers of a beautiful, yet manly pair of cufflinks, or perhaps you are the recipient of this gift, whatever the reason for holding a pair of cufflinks, perhaps you need some assistance with how to wear these items.

Youtube is full of videos of with the details of how to put on cufflinks. Here is one that we love...

But if you would prefer not to watch a Youtube video, here is a wikiHow tutorial on how to wear cufflinks.

And just because we think they go great with a good cufflinks, here is a Youtube video on how to make perfect pocket squares, specifically ones with points.

Stylish Olive Wood Cufflinks: Fair Trade Fashion for Men July 22 2014, 0 Comments

Introducing Our Newest Product Partner... Green Creations! April 20 2014, 0 Comments

We are so excited to introduce you to our latest Middle Eastern product partner, Green Creations. This company has been in existence since 2009 as a World Associates project.

They are doing something unheard of here in Jordan. They are taking items that are usually discarded and are transforming them into beautiful products. Green Creations is a social business merging poverty alleviation with environmental awareness.

So then, we love the ethos of their company, giving women dignity and a safe working environment (Sound familiar? That is what we at From The Earth are about as well), but we also LOVE their products. Rather than using olive wood to create products this company is using items like aluminum cans, bottle caps, plastic signs, old clothing and more to make items like necklaces, bracelets, watches, scarves, wallets, purses, bags, and other fun items.

From The Earth is the only store in Amman, Jordan where these products can be purchased. Come out to visit our showroom in Bayader and see what the women of Green Creations are doing.

The ladies of From The Earth loved the new products and were amazed that there were Jordanians doing something so creative with common items that usually get discarded.

To learn more about Green Creations visit their website at

Spring Garden Collection March 31 2014, 0 Comments

It's April and Spring has arrived! Along with From The Earth's Spring Garden Collection. Come step into the garden and breath in the crisp air and discover all of the hidden treasures inside.

Our Spring Garden Collection is full of muted, soft colors perfectly in line with this Springs colors.


Take a look at our inspiration board on Pinterest. You can follow it to see more Spring Garden inspirations.


You can purchase the collection in Jordan at our Amman showroom in Bayader Wadi Seer, online in Canada and the USA on our webstore