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Rahab's Rope – New Retail Shop in Gainesville, Georgia August 18 2014, 0 Comments

Do you live in or near Gainesville, Georgia? If so, now you can visit Rahab's Rope to purchase some unique handmade From The Earth products. We met Vicki Moore, the founder of Rahab's Rope, at the 2014 Fair Trade Federation conference and shortly after they started ordering our product to stock their new store location!

Rahab's Rope was founded in 2004 and exists to restore and equip girls and women who have escaped the horrors of human trafficking and bring hope and purpose to their lives. The purpose of Rahab's Rope is supported by direct product sales and other funding platforms.

Visit Rahab's Rope to find a large selection of From The Earth handmade jewelry and kitchen & home products, such as our Oval Olive Wood Nesting Bowls (Set of 3), our Natural Beaded Olive Wood Necklace and Clever Necklace (see below).

  Oval Olive Wood Nesting Bowls (Set of 3) Natural Beaded Olive Wood Necklace Clever Necklace   

Ahlan wa Sahlan Rahab's Rope!

Directions to store: 118 Washington St NW Gainesville, Georgia 30501


5 Tips to De-stress Summer Parties July 03 2014, 0 Comments

We have all been there. Hosting a summer party can sound like fun all the way up until party preparations are in full swing. Below are some suggestions to maintain the joy and happiness of hosting a party even after the preparations have begun.

    • Make inviting guests easy by using a service like Inviting guests can be a challenge if not all your friends are on the same social site. Using evite will streamline the process of sharing with all of the cool features the service provides, for free! No need to have your phone keep ringing with questions like, "Can I bring Aunt Tilly?" or, "What about my kids?" Everything can be done in one place.

        • Keep the menu simple so you aren't worried that the new recipe you are trying, that looks beautiful on pinterest, might not turn out for the party. Sticking with the classics and styling them with serving bowls and trays will save you a lot of stress. For example, purchase a few blocks of beautiful cheese and place it on an Olive Wood Cutting Board.

            • Use decor wisely by making simple decor at home. Yes, there are party stores where you can purchase almost anything, but why spend your party budget on decor when you could buy more food? Check out our Party board on pinterest for quick and easy ideas on DIY decor. Double your effort by making decor both beautiful and functional. For example, why not institute a photo booth. No need to supply a camera, everyone has their own anyway. Just give people a hashtag so that people can see each others photos.

            • Clean as you go so that at the end of the night, you have less work to do. How? Have a plan for the dirty dishes (where to stack plates, where to put dirty glasses and utensils). If at the end of the night everything is stacked neatly ready to be cleaned, clean-up will appear less daunting. Quietly remove dirty items as you circle around the room. Also, ask your close, trusted friends to help you in this by communicating the plan to them. You don't want to be the bus boy all night, right?

            • Don't forget throwing a party is supposed to be fun for both you and your guests. If your guests see that you are relaxed and enjoying yourself they too will relax and enjoy themselves. Even if there are hiccups in your well laid plans, or if something burns, or more people showed up and the food is getting tight, just take a deep breath, put your smile on, and steady on. It's all going to be ok.

            Have a wonderful party and enjoy yourself!

            Father's Day in the US June 10 2014, 0 Comments

            We thought we would send out a quick reminder that this Sunday, June 15th is Father's Day. Now it is a time to celebrate and say thank you to all the Father figures in your life. You still have time to order your Father's Day gift and card. Take advantage of our FREE Summer Shipping on orders over $70 within the continental US.

            Below we have helped you out with a few gift suggestions because we know that it can be difficult to pick a gift for Dads.

            Olive Wood Stacking Coasters: A great addition for his study or office.

            Olive Wood Keychain: A simple and perfect gift for the man who has everything.

            Olive Wood Bark Bowl: A practical yet perfect gift for holding keys, loose change, candy, or nuts.

            However, if you just don't know what to choose, give him the gift of choice with a From The Earth Gift Certificate.


            Enjoy Father's Day on June 15th!

            2014 Fair Trade Federation Conference May 05 2014, 0 Comments

            From The Earth had the great pleasure of attending the 2014 Fair Trade Federation Conference last month.

            This year Daisy Medrano, Global Account Manager and Pamela Nosenko, Brand Ambassador traveled to Indianapolis to meet with over 240 like-minded individuals and businesses that advocate for a fair trade economy.

            Daisy and Pam attended a series of different sessions on topics such as merchandising, social media, fair trade messaging and more. They also had the opportunity to share From The Earth’s story and beautifully handcrafted olive wood products with attendees of the Fair Trade Expo.

             Fair Trade Federation Fair Trade Expo

            Their time at the Fair Trade Expo provided great opportunities to build relationships with current and potential retail store partners in the U.S. Retail store owners were most excited about our new Hidden Songbird Necklace and Earrings, from our Spring Garden Collection and our Small Olive Wood Cheese Board.


            Be on the look out for some of our unique handmade olive wood products in a fair trade shop near you! As always, feel free to share our story with local boutiques and stores in your area. You can direct them to find out more information about becoming a From The Earth Wholesale Customer on our wholesale page.

            Or, contact us at to learn more about wholesale opportunities with From The Earth.


            Latitude Store – New Retail Shop in Orlando, Florida June 30 2013, 0 Comments

            From The Earth is glad to have Latitude Store on our list of socially responsible online retail partners.
            Latitude Store began in 2005 with a dual purpose of representing the areas in the world where they buy unique products and by extending freedom and opportunity through business, emphasizing fair wages and treating others with dignity and respect.

            We are excited that Latitude Store has chosen to offer their customers a variety of From The Earth handmade olive wood products including handcrafted jewelry and an assortment of kitchen and home items.
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