Come to Souk By The Sea in Aqaba! October 15 2014, 0 Comments

Souk By The Sea has begun for the season. It really is much more than a souk, it is an experience!

At the souk, you can find locally made food (and the all time favorite bazaar food, spiral potatoes), well-curated handmade products (nothing made in China), and some of the nicest people that you will meet in Aqaba.

Jordan is home to many talented artisans, but finding a place to sell their products is often difficult. Tourists and expats also have difficulties in finding real, authentic locally handmade products. Often they are fooled into purchasing Chinese made imitations. Souq by the Sea creates a perfect environment for both of these groups to find one another.

Here local artisans can showcase their exceptional products and tourists and expats can purchase authentic, locally handmade products. Honestly, aren't presents better when you can share a story to go with it? Talking to the maker of the product and hearing their passion for their craft is one of the best stories to share.

When you do come to the souk, don't forget to stop by the From The Earth table and say hello to Lillian who will be waiting for you at the table. We have a selection of fair trade, handmade products from our Amman showroom; including 2015 Jordan calenders, olive oil liquid soaps, and unique olive wood jewelry. If you are in Amman, feel free to come visit us and see our full selection of products from artisans all over Jordan.