5 Tips to De-stress Summer Parties July 03 2014, 0 Comments

We have all been there. Hosting a summer party can sound like fun all the way up until party preparations are in full swing. Below are some suggestions to maintain the joy and happiness of hosting a party even after the preparations have begun.

    • Make inviting guests easy by using a service like evite.com. Inviting guests can be a challenge if not all your friends are on the same social site. Using evite will streamline the process of sharing with all of the cool features the service provides, for free! No need to have your phone keep ringing with questions like, "Can I bring Aunt Tilly?" or, "What about my kids?" Everything can be done in one place.

        • Keep the menu simple so you aren't worried that the new recipe you are trying, that looks beautiful on pinterest, might not turn out for the party. Sticking with the classics and styling them with serving bowls and trays will save you a lot of stress. For example, purchase a few blocks of beautiful cheese and place it on an Olive Wood Cutting Board.

            • Use decor wisely by making simple decor at home. Yes, there are party stores where you can purchase almost anything, but why spend your party budget on decor when you could buy more food? Check out our Party board on pinterest for quick and easy ideas on DIY decor. Double your effort by making decor both beautiful and functional. For example, why not institute a photo booth. No need to supply a camera, everyone has their own anyway. Just give people a hashtag so that people can see each others photos.

            • Clean as you go so that at the end of the night, you have less work to do. How? Have a plan for the dirty dishes (where to stack plates, where to put dirty glasses and utensils). If at the end of the night everything is stacked neatly ready to be cleaned, clean-up will appear less daunting. Quietly remove dirty items as you circle around the room. Also, ask your close, trusted friends to help you in this by communicating the plan to them. You don't want to be the bus boy all night, right?

            • Don't forget throwing a party is supposed to be fun for both you and your guests. If your guests see that you are relaxed and enjoying yourself they too will relax and enjoy themselves. Even if there are hiccups in your well laid plans, or if something burns, or more people showed up and the food is getting tight, just take a deep breath, put your smile on, and steady on. It's all going to be ok.

            Have a wonderful party and enjoy yourself!