Vendor Highlight - Mega Store March 30 2011, 0 Comments

From time-to-time, we at From The Earth like to recognize local vendors who partner with us in providing quality goods and services to the public.  This week, we would like to introduce our readers to Mega Store located in Mecca Mall.  Mega Store needs little introduction to those who frequent Mecca Mall, as it is one of the larger and more popular stores in the mall. 

Mega Store specializes in all forms of media; books, DVDs, magazines, video games and much more.  It has state-of-the-art electronics and accessories for Apple fans, as well as for those of us who just want a quality headset or that latest video game at a competitive price.

In addition to a great selection of the most current best-selling books, Mega Store also has a special “Kid’s section” guarded by a ferocious stuffed tiger – no adults allowed!

We are pleased to be able to display some of our olive wood jewelry, magnets and key chains in Mega Store, along with a selection
of some of our picturesque photo cards of unique Jordan scenes.
The next time you are in Mecca Mall, stop by Mega Store where you will be greeted by the friendly and helpful staff who will assist you in finding that latest electronic accessory, best-selling book, or the most recent movie or TV series release.